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Doctor's Visit


Our CareConnect Program is the foundation of our organization. BayCares patients include low-income, uninsured individuals who live with terminal illness, suffer from chronic disorders, or are diagnosed with other grave medical conditions. We are connected with the some of the best healthcare providers in the Panhandle and they are dedicated to giving you the quality care you deserve.

Medical Form

BayCares, Inc. is unique when compared to other local healthcare focused non-profits, as it is the only entity that coordinates specialty medical treatment for uninsured residents. Licensed healthcare providers volunteer their time and resources to provide life-preserving medical services such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. All services are provided free of charge by specialty medical providers, hospitals, and specialty treatment centers. 


The mission to reduce the number of deaths that are affiliated with chronic diseases including cancer, vascular disease, lung disease and liver disease. The presence of these particular diseases are significantly higher in Bay County when compared to other areas of Florida. Program participation in BayCares, Inc. requires a written referral from a physician, emergency room, clinic, health department, or other medical provider.

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